Wheel Fell Off

One of strangest things that I have ever witnessed was a wheel coming off an SUV while it was traveling at freeway speeds. Not a tire, but the entire wheel.

On a Sunday morning during the winter of 2014-15, my wife and I were just exiting the Anthony Henday ring road on to 100 Avenue when the older Jeep Compass going 110 km/hour in the left lane suddenly lost its rear wheel on the passenger side. The rim hit the pavement and the sparks began to fly while the loose wheel started to lag behind the vehicle.

The Jeep then swung around (180°) and soon joined the missing wheel in the snow in the median. No one was hurt as the Jeep somehow managed to avoid a roll despite the slope into the median.

I have often wondered how something like that could happen.  There are five nuts holding each wheel.