Six at Six

Something you only expect to see in old crime shows on TV or, years ago, in a parade: six police cars in a row.

It happened to me on the High Level Bridge on Sunday, January 8, 2017, at about 6:00 p.m. Just past the halfway point, I heard a siren and immediately looked into my rear view mirror, and saw one set of emergency vehicle lights flashing.

By the time I had come to a stop — I was already in the right lane — new sets of flashing lights kept appearing at regular intervals, as the first police car eventually passed me in the left lane. The way that the High Level Bridge is constructed, I could only see the vehicles that were actually on the bridge deck, not the ones entering on the East entrance, let alone the ones approaching the bridge from either 109 Street or 97 Avenue.

I counted them as they passed, six in all. I started up immediately after the last police car passed, so I was able to see that all six of them went East on Saskatchewan Drive, to a destination unknown. I never found any reports in the News Media, so it might have turned out to be a lot smaller problem than originally feared when those six vehicles were dispatched.