Scaling Groat Ravine

In 1975, it took three buses and a lot of time to get from the University area to the last developed area near where West Edmonton Mall is today. Realizing that I had missed the first bus, I decided to ride my bike. Temperatures had been above freezing in more than a month.

I plotted out the shortest route on a City Map, rather than following the path of the three buses I would normally ride. Unfortunately, the map did not specifically identify intersections.

As I traveled North on Groat Road, I was on the lookout for 102 Avenue when I suddenly realized that it was coming up, but high above me. Despite the snow mixed with frozen soil, I scaled the Groat Ravine on the North East corner of the 102 Avenue Bridge, dragging my bicycle with me as I climbed. And successfully continued my journey.

For the journey home, I again consulted my City Map, choosing the Whitemud Freeway, Fox Drive and Keillor Road. Tough, but nothing like scaling the Groat Ravine.

I never again was late for the first of my three bus ride.