Five Wisdom Tooth Operations

So often now, I hear about children in their late teens having all four Wisdom Teeth removed in a single Dental Surgery. It took me five separate extractions: four of them Dental Surgery in an Operating Room.

No, I did not have any spare Wisdom Teeth, just the usual four. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of letting a young dentist in Fort Saskatchewan do his first Wisdom Tooth extraction in his office on me. And failed miserably.

It was one of my lower Wisdom Teeth and I inherited my grandfather’s massive root system, which my dentist was definitely not prepared for. I made the mistake of believing him when he said that the small amount of tooth that he was unable to get out, and the root system, would get absorbed and disappear.

Years later, I had it removed properly by a Dental Surgeon. He did my two remaining Wisdom Teeth in between, one at a time.

My first Wisdom Tooth was removed just after I graduated from High School. I explain what happened next in my Sweating Blood story on this page.

As for Sedation, the earlier Dental Surgeries were done by knocking me out (unconscious) during the operations. Later, the Dental Surgeon used Conscious Sedation, and I actually remember bits and pieces of what was going on. The Dentist tried to do things with normal dental freezing, but never managed to freeze the root around the jaw bone.