Blue Shoes

There used to be a Post Office on 102 Avenue Downtown, just before it turns into 100 Avenue. When I moved back to Edmonton from Moose Jaw in April 1977, I had a Post Office Box there because it was the closest to where I worked and the boxes in the apartment building where I lived were not secure.

On my way home from Work, still in my 1970s Dress Code clothing, I got out of my car to pick up the mail, and heard a voice saying: “Where are the blue shoes?”  It was one of the last hippies, still roaming the streets Downtown.

I had not thought of it until then, but the blue car that I was driving also had a blue interior, I was wearing a blue three piece suit, blue dress shirt, tie with different shades of blue, blue socks, and my eyes are blue. But my Roots negative heel shoes were Black.