Almost Hit Ambulance

You have to be a pretty bad driver to hit an Ambulance. Or so I thought until I came very close to broadsiding an Ambulance in the early 2000s. Despite the fact that this was on 111 Street just South of 61 Avenue, I cannot blame the LRT or the construction that preceded it, because it had not started yet.

There is an ambulance station on the West side of 111 Street and I was travelling South, right in front of it. An ambulance was coming out of the station, presumably on a test run as there were no lights or siren. I slowed down anyway, even though I knew the driver was going to stop because of the on-coming traffic:  Me.

Well, the ambulance driver did not stop, instead turning his lights on just as his front bumper entered 111 Street, pulling right in front of me with barely enough room for me to stop.  Sure glad I slowed down.