Best Practices

This page highlights great ideas used by businesses I have dealt with over the years. First and foremost, Great for the Customer, but also either directly or indirectly good for the business.


These days, it is hard to find a Restaurant that does not allow adding, removing or replacing ingredients in all menu items that are prepared fresh for the Customer. Famoso has taken it a step further, by crediting your bill for each item removed, even Onions!


Mark’s (Work Wearhouse) provides the fastest possible and lowest cost delivery for on-line orders by shipping from the closest store that has all of the ordered items in stock. Since all orders are handled by regular store staff, there is no need for a dedicated facility and staff for on-line orders.

At the other end of the scale, back around 2010, Staples had on-line-only sales that drove Customers and Store Staff crazy. Here is what happened much too often:

  • Customer sees an item on-line or in a flyer, with an on-line-only sale price;
  • Customer goes into his local store, sees the item on the shelf, and then one of three things happens:
    1. Customer notices the price is marked much higher and complains to Customer Service;
    2. Customer takes the item to the Cashier and complains when it is rung in at a much higher price; or
    3. Customer does not notice the higher price until arriving Home or back to the Office.
  •  Customer argues with Store Staff, and leave in a huff, and the item on-line at Home or back in the Office;
  • To avoid shipping charges or because it is difficult to have it delivered to the Office or Home, Customer chooses to have it delivered to his local store;
  • Item is shipped from Calgary;
  • Item arrives at local store;
  • Customer realizes it has arrived;
  • Customer goes to local store, picks up item, cursing the waste of time, both the man-hours and the delay in getting the item.