Mike’s News Stand

Event tickets, out of town newspapers or less popular magazines, they were all at Mike’s News Stand. Downtown in a building that was demolished to make way for the construction of Scotia Place.

W. W. Arcade

If you wanted to talk to some of the Engineers from AGT, you would find many of them here weekdays in the Lunch Hour, looking for parts for their wood stove at the cabin. They had great prices on household appliances, but their major appeal was stocking hardware-related products that no one else did. As you descended down each level of subbasement, you encountered older and older stock. On the East side of 97 Street just North of Jasper Avenue.

DeFehr Furniture

Inexpensive wood furniture was hard to find for young couples just starting out. But DeFehr Furniture, just East of Downtown, manufactured it in Winnipeg and sold it in Edmonton.

The company was founded when A. A. DeFehr started making furniture in his basement in 1944. The company still exists, sourcing Canadian materials, supplying both furniture retailers and hotel rooms.