This page looks at the changes in Decor in restaurants over the years, and things that are Gone But Not Forgotten.

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Unlike virtually every other restaurant in Edmonton, at The Old Spaghetti Factory’s original Downtown, the decor has changed very little over the years.

One large framed black and white picture on the wall comes to mind, as it was likely displayed in all the Canadian locations in the 1970s. It pictured Italian women picking spaghetti off of trees with a caption that would lead you to believe that all spaghetti served in the restaurant had been hand-picked off Spaghetti Trees in Italy.

Not originally there, a beautiful jukebox appeared in the late 1970s in the bar at the front of the restaurant, but disappeared a few years later. Its great-sounding speakers were wired into the house music system, which always included “Tin Man” by America for as along as the jukebox lasted.