Although Radio was my first major interest, while still in high school at the end of the 1960s, it seemed like the kind of Radio career that interested me might not last past Age 30. It took me until the end of my first year of university to switch my major to Computer Science, thanks to a Math course that I was taking where I discovered that working with a computer was not boring like I imagined it to be.

As an I.T. Professional, I retired in 2007 after 36 years of Computing experience. Continuing the development of mostly Radio-related web sites that I began in 1995, I have expanded my expertise in retirement to installing and supporting Ubuntu web servers and WordPress-based web sites.

My Firsts

  • 1971 – first hands-on computer usage, in UBC’s first undergraduate Mathematics class to use a computer, Math 140
  • 1972 – first computer programming, in UBC’s initial Computing course, Computer Science 210
  • 1973 – first use of e-mail, thanks to a Computer Science student’s PhD. Thesis implemented on UBC’s Academic computer
  • 1975 – moved to Edmonton to work on what was likely Canada’s first Computer Help Desk. At the University of Alberta, for all Staff, Students and External Users.
  • 1979 – first successful use of an Internet-like public network (Datapac) on Digital Equipment computers in Canada
  • 1987 – began a long series of how-to articles on IBM’s ISPF software for programmers for Mainframe Journal
  • 1994 – first contract to write a web page for a client, a detailed description of their network hardware
  • 1995 – built first web site
  • 2003 – key part of team to install first T-Rex IBM z-Series mainframe in Western Canada
  • 2007 – wrote first PHP programs, using MySQL database
  • 2008 – built first WordPress web site