Vancouver – As It Was

Patterned After

Although Vancouver is often compared with Seattle, it is San Francisco that Vancouver patterned itself after during the 1950s and ’60s. Both cities are surrounded on three sides by ocean and famous for their rainy days. Their Chinatowns are each legendary in their respective countries.

Even a Vancouver radio station, CHQM, came on the air in 1959, patterning itself after a San Francisco station, KABL, “one of the first beautiful music station in the United States” (Wikipedia). CHQM-FM was licensed the next year, justified, in part, by a claim by General Manager Bill Bellman that existing FM radios in Vancouver were tuned to San Francisco FM stations.

But it was Seattle where my father heard what he was waiting for CHQM to offer. On the Muzak service that had recently been introduced in every room of some Seattle hotels.