The House in My Dreams

I have always been a Home Body. The summer that I turned 16, my one-week-older cousin came to visit from Los Angeles as Vancouver was the destination of his first solo trip on a ship, a P&O Passenger Liner. His conclusion from our discussions was that, as young adults, he would travel the world and I would own a House.

For more than 40 years now, when I am asleep dreaming, the house in my dreams is the one I lived in until I was 16. Of course, I do dream of being indoors in non-existent motels, apartments and school buildings. With one exception: I occasionally dream of being in my grandparents’ two houses; they moved from one to the other when I was 9.

My parents moved when I was 16, shortly after my cousin’s visit. As soon as we moved, I would dream of the new house and never the old.