My Burnaby Roots

Neither I nor any of my family were born in Burnaby. Burnaby’s first hospital, originally known as Burnaby General Hospital, did not opens its doors until three and a half months after I was born. I was born in Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.

My East Burnaby Roots

My parents brought me home from the hospital to a new house in East Burnaby at what was then 345 East 15th Avenue. They began looking for a home of their own as soon as they knew that I was coming along, ending up with a new house thanks to the farmer who built it offering a Second Mortgage in an era when First Mortgages required 50% Down Payment.

That house was only a few blocks from my grandparents’ first Canadian home as husband and wife. It was also my Mother’s first Canadian home, and where my grandparents brought my Aunt from the hospital after she was born shortly after they bought their house.

When I was nine years old, we moved to Coquitlam but returned before my 10th birthday, when my parents had to repossess our East Burnaby house. Shortly after I turned 16 years old, we moved to a new custom-built house in South Burnaby. And stayed there until I graduated from UBC and my parents moved to Ontario.