My interests have always leaned towards a melding of Art and Technology, so it should be no surprise that I spent much of my life in Radio, Computer Programming and Technical Writing.

Although I started out headed for a Radio Career, Computing became my Career and Radio my hobby, which is not to say that Radio has not rewarded me financially over the years.

I first used a Computer as a First Year Science student at UBC (Vancouver, Canada) in February 1971, in what may have been their first undergraduate Math class to use one. It showed me that computers were not, as I previously assumed, as boring as the Bookkeeping courses that I avoided in Junior High School, so I switched my Major to Computer Science, graduating in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

From Graduation until Retirement in 2007, I handled a wide variety of Computing roles, but was always a Programmer at heart. And I have continued into Retirement, never far from a Computer.