My name is Jon and I grew up in Burnaby from the early 1950s until the mid-1970s. Burnaby is a suburb of Vancouver, on Canada’s West Coast.

I moved to Edmonton in 1975 and have been here pretty much ever since. Along the way, I have lived in a few other places, all for less than a year each.

My nearly lifelong Passion has been Radio: as Listener, DX’er, Announcer and Broadcast Historian. Though I grew up with, and worked in, Radio when AM was king, and FM merely an afterthought, I was also heavily involved in the early days of FM.

I went to UBC in Vancouver, where I chose Computing over Radio as a Career. Even during my Computing career, Broadcasting played a part, most notably for a radio and television station, and production house where I created their first centralized Computing staff and Data Centre.

In Retirement, since 2007, my biggest interest is Broadcast History, though most of my time has been spent on the Computing side, enabling the preservation and presentation of Broadcast History in a digital form.